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About Chiru :Chiranjeevi, the Megastar of Telugu film industry was born in Mogaltur, a village in West Godavari District on 22nd August 1955 at 10 am. He was born to Shri.Venkat Rao and Smt.Anjana Devi.He was named as Siva Sankara Vara Prtasad. He grew up in his native village with his grand parents, while his family was elsewhere because of his father's occupation. The sense of discipline and hard working, which he still embrace were introduced at a very young age in his life, moreover the tough childhood he had being the eldest in his family have helped him to handle many such events of higher proportion with great expertise in the later stages of his life.
He did his intermediate studies in Ongole Junior College. He did his B.Com in YNR college of Narsapur.After graduating with a degree, chiranjeevi moved to Madras to make a career in his chosen field of acting in Film industry. To prepare himself for the task he joined an acting school in Madras. After struggling for some time, chiranjeevi landed in an acting roles in films like "Pranam Khareedu" and "Punadhi Rallu". Since that modest beginings to this date he has acted in 138 films. Throught out his career he has been through alot of high and low notes. But, every time he came back with double vengance and won his way through peoples hearts with his wonderful performances in his films.
He got married to Ms. Surekha, daughter of Sri Allu Rama Lingaiah in 1980 when Chiru was 11 cinemas old. Allu Rama Lingaiah met Chiru first at the shooting of 'Manvoori Pandavulu'. Sri NT Rama Rao was the chief guest for the marriage. Chiru has always been a family man, he is blessed with two daughters Sushmita & Srija and a son Ramcharan Teja. His younger brother Pawan Kalyan" has moulded himself into one of the reckoning actors on the telugu film marquee.
To this date he is still modest of all those innumerable achievements and honours he had recieved. He completed the 25th anniversary of his entry into films. After such a long career he is still going strong with renewed energy and a string of super hits. Wish his success story goes on and on and provide with some great films to look forward.
Inspite of tasting such tremendous success through out his career, it hasn't got on to chiru's head. He is still the same caring, loving & cultured man both for his family and fans. In October,2nd 1998 on Gandhiji birthday he started a Chiranjeevi eye and blood bank and charitable trust to give back something to the people who made him

About Dancing and Stunts :
He didn't know about dancing but started dancing after saw Helen dancing Piya to aa jaa ....when ever he heard the song on radio, he used to dance at his childhood. He used to do that dance in front of many people like realitives,friends and schools cultural programs and they used to appreciate him. Chiru is known for his dare devil stunts. During the shooting of Sangharshana, he was injured while doing the climax. He went to London to get operated. He was also injured when he tried fighting using Tube light in Intiguttu. In Donga cinema, he gave the producer anxious moments while fighting on a wall on 11 storied building by balancing himself. In the latest 'Bavagaru Bagunara', he did a Bungee Jumping with the carefree attitude of a teenage boy.
About 9 months gap in acting career:
He is not only the superstar who took a nine month break at the height of his career.All other superstars like the late MGR and NTR, and even Amitabh Bachan have had their slack periods. But he choose to ignore all the tempting offers while he was very much in demand. It was as if he wanted to say, "Hey , stop , let me breathe easy." He went away to a farmhouse in Yelahanka, which is on the outskirts of Bangalore.He would exercise for six hours, meditate and go on long walks.This pattern continued for several months. He was alone, his wife would call up once in 15 days. He would take no other phone calls. And instead of brooding or worrying , he learnt computers. He became an Internet buff..
About first film :
He acted in first film when he was in the film institute itself..The role supposed to have been done by a friend of him, Sudhakar. But he was under a contract with Bharatiraja then, he could not act in that film.It was recommended by his friend to act in that film. He got permission from principal, Y.G. Parthasarthy, and then acted in that film.Krantikumar a Telugu film producer, saw the Chiru when he was in the Punadirallu shooting and booked him for another black and white art film(Pranam Khareedu). It was realeased on sepetember 22,1978. K.Balachander and K.Bapu were also there to watch the preview of the movie. After it got over, they didn't tell him anything, But they said among all of them that he acted well and had expresive eyes. Bapu and Balachander booked chiru for their next movies.
About fan clubs:
He has got lot of fan clubs.In every village ,every town, every state and every country, there are fan clubs. In usa, chifana(chiranajeevi fan associations of north amercia), like that he has got fan associations all over the Globe.
About the films :
He acted so many films but never feel whether it is small role or big role.But he had taken as a challege for every role.In the staring career, he acted guest roles and villian roles. In 1983 Khaidi was realesed. It was created record in tollywood. He bacame a popular in the industry and people said that he is not a hero. He is a supream hero. On that day onwards he never seen back till today. Now he is a Mega Star in tollywood.
Upcoming Films under production and Pipe line :
1.M.S Arts (Anji): This movie started in 1997 and they have completed 90% of the movie Producer Shyam Prasad Reddy is a man of Quality. He has the credit of reshooting entire 'Ammoru' movie for as he was not satisfied with 'Ammoru' with the earlier print. The expected shooting time for this movie is 565 days. Churu given callsheets for this movie for 300 hundred days (he would have acted 6 movies with that many callsheets) a 'Chandamama katha'. Chiru has already completed 280 call sheets for this movie.. Mainly targeted at children. It will have around 9 songs. Different Music Director are composing songs for this movie, first time in tollywood(5 music directors are composing songs for this film). MS Reddy is planning to do songs for this movie by different music directors. Anu Malik already scored two songs. 'Chris' is doing extensive special effects. Kodi RamaKrishna, MS Arts pet director, is directed this movie. Estimated cost for this movie production is 25 crores, excluding remuneration to Chiru. This is the costliest tollywood movie to date.Story is by MS Arts unit. Ex Miss India, Namrata Sirodkar is pairing opposite Chiru. The highlight of this movie is going to be the scene leading to interval and the climax scene. This movie is expected to grace audiences by 2004.


Real Name : Konidela Siva Sankara Vara Prasad
Cinema Name : Chiranjeevi
Height : 5 foot 9 niches
Date of Birth : 22-08-1955
Time of Birth : 10:10 am
Obtained Diploma in acting : 30-06-1978
Plays he acted in : Chaiman, Rajeenama, Light Veligindi
First cinema person to meet when he went to Madras for acting : Laxmi Deepak
First Film acted : Punadi Rallu
First Film Released : Pranam Khareedu
First Heroine : Reshma Rai
First Producer to give remuneration : Jaya Krishna (Rs 1,116/-)
First Clap : Love in Singapore
Number of films before marriage : 11
First Dialogues Uttered : 11-02-1978
First Shield Received : Manavoori Pandavulu
First Outdoor film : Punadi Rallu (Rajahmundry)
First shield distribution : Manishiko Charitra
First film with more costumes : Gudhachari No. 1
First special getup : Chattaniki Kallulevu (as a Negro in a song)
First guest dance film : Prema Natakam
Unreleased films : Vaddi Kasula vaadu, Chinna Puli - Pedda Puli
First Wig film : Raktha bandham
Favorite God : Anjaneya Swamy
First dual role : Nakili Manishi
First Triple Role : Donga Mogudu(3rd chiru comes at end of the movie)
First Dual Heronies : Thatayya Premaleelalu
First Triple Heronies : Nakili Manishi
First film acted with his brother Nagababu : Rakshasudu
First film saw sureka(wife) before marriage : Kothala Raayudu
First movie saw with his wife : Agni Samsakaram ( in Nellore) .It was the first movie released after his marriage, But it was flop.
Highest films released in a year : 14 movies (1980 and 1983)
Lowest films released in a year : One Movie(2000 and 2002)
Highest number of films acted heroine : Vijaya Shanti (19 movies)
Second highest films acted heroine : Radhika (18 movies)
Highest movies directed : A.Kodandarami Reddy (24 movies)
Total Heroines Acted : 56 (Till Tagore)
Favorite Hero : Sean Connery
Favorite Heroines : Savithri and Hema Malini
Favorite Producer : Dr D Rama Naidu
Favorite Director : K.V.Reddy
Favorite Comedian ; Charlie Chaplin
Favorite Singer : S.P.Balasubrahmanyam
Favorite Humanists : Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa
Favorite Politician : Lal Bahadur Sastri
Favorite Hill Station : Ooty
Favorite City(India) : Bangalore
Favorite City(Abroad) : London
Favorite Sport : All events in Gymnastics
Favorite Fine Art : All fine arts since they are fine
Favorite subject in college/school : Biological Science

Details of Kids:

Susmita Vadana (12.03.1982)
Ram Charan Teja (27.03.1985)
Srija (09.11.1988)

Details of Family:

Konidela Venkatrao (Father)
Anajani Devi (Mother)
Surekha (Wife)
Nagendra Babu (Brother)
Pawan Kalyan (Brother)
Vijaya Durga (Sister)
Madhavi (Sister)


Best Actor Nandi : Swayam Krushi, Pasivadi Pranam, Rudraveena, Apadbhandavudu, Indra
National Nargeesdutt : Rudraveena
Best Actor National ; Apadbhandavudu
Best Actor Filmfare : Sneham Kosam, Indra

Chiru TOP 10 movies in his View :

1.Chattaniki Kallulevu
3.Punnami Naagu
5.Adavi Donga
9.Jagadeka Veerudu Atiloka Sundari

Paired with other film Personalities :

NTR : Tiruguleni manishi
ANR : Mechanic Alludu
Krishna : Todudongalu
Sobhanbabu : Mosagadu and Rani Kasularangamma
Krishnamraju : Puli Bebbuli
Mohan Babu : Billa Ranga and Kirayi Rowdeelu
Rajnikanth : Kaali and Bandipotu Vipalva Simham
Kamal Hasan ; Idi Kadha Kadu
Gemini Ganeshan : Rudraveena

Guest roles in other Languages:

Maapillai (Tamil)
Sipai (Kannada)